National Park Sutjeska

nacionalni park sutjeskaa

National Park Sutjeska is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina which since its founding in 1962 has been a tourist attraction. ‘Sutjeska’ is considered the pearl of RS and BIH for its natural resources and beauty.

It’s with this word that most visitors of the National Park Sutjeska describe what they see and feel. Many simply say: ‘It is a rest for the heart and soul!’ Wherever you look, and wherever you step it is a new experience. There, in true nature, everyone can find what they’re looking for: excitement caused by the jump of adrenaline while you climb to the top of Maglić and a rapturous calm on a mountain meadow, or by the clear mountain creek.

As rarely anywhere else, here you can see and feel with all of your senses the beauty of nature; the roar and the mystical silence of the forests, the babble of crystal clear rivers and streams, the call of the wild and the call of the eagle, a marvelous game of shadows over the lakes of Zelengora, the rippling of mountain pastures. Nature is indeed richly endowed this unique corner of the Balkans.

Visit ‘Sutjeska’! It is worth it!

It encompasses the area of Sutjeska with the strict nature reserve Perućica, parts of the mountain Maglić (2386 m - the highest peak in BIH), Volujak, Vučevo and Zelengora. Thanks to the extraordinary natural values and their preservation NP ‘Sutjeska’ was included in the second category of IUCN (UN Protection of Nature and Natural Resources) in 2000.

National Park Sutjeska is the most diverse complex of ecosystems on the territory of Bosnia and one of the most diverse in the region of Southeast Europe. The whole area of the park is characterized by exquisite beauty and variety of forms of landscapes - from gentle valleys, dense forests, mountain pastures to high massifs. On Zelengora there are eight glacial lakes, and what also characterizes this area are deep canyons of Sutjeska, Hrčavka and Jabučnica, clear mountain streams rich with brown trout. It has a very precious and rich stock of wildlife and rare plant species, many of which are endemic. In the heart of the Park there is a strict nature reserve Perućica (1434 ha), the best preserved and largest rainforest in Europe where, since the establishment of the National Park, any human intervention is strictly prohibited. In the area of the National Park ‘Sutjeska’ there are also numerous monuments of the past and recent history.

The main road between Dubrovnik and Sarajevo passes through the park, a length of 12 km. The administrative headquarters of the Park is Tjentište, located near the northern entrance to the Park. The nearest airport is in Sarajevo (100 km).


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