Hotel & SPA Merona


The spirit of the citizens that live in a special way, in the City that radiates the authenticity, has always been attributed to pleasure, or merak. As such, it permeated all spheres of life making it distinct, characteristic for us.

On the 3rd floor of one of the major office buildings on the western entrance to the City of Sarajevo is a small world where it seems that time has stopped. The ambience reflects a distinctive traditional flair embroidered by the touch of modernism and as such it is special and different.

Hotel “Merona” has 13 luxury equipped bedrooms, 7 large rooms with open bathroom made of glass, and king size bed, 4 small rooms with closed bathroom and a double bed and two apartments (2+1).

We are located on the Main Road, 5 minutes far from the International Airport Sarajevo and 10 minutes from the City Center which makes us the ideal choice.


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