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The National Theatre Sarajevo is the oldest professional theatre in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in 1921.
Initially, the National Theatre Sarajevo worked exclusively as a drama theatre. Since 1946 the National Theatre has had the segments of music, and thus Opera and Ballet were established and greatly contributed to the rich history of the Institution.During the 85-year long existence and work, the National Theatre Sarajevo has performed a large number of drama, ballet and opera performances throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

Our theatre performed in all the significant art festivals in the region and in Europe. The National Theater Sarajevo has given a special contribution to the emancipation of the BH social environment, especially in the period after the Second World War, when our theatre became a leader of the Europeanization of the theatre space of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

An outstanding group of actors, directors, set designers, costume designers, choreographers, ballet and opera artists, and conductors have acquired the fame at the National Theatre Sarajevo. Some of them, like Ljiljana Molnar-Talajic, world famous prima donna, have taken the glory of the Sarajevo and Bosnian theatre to the stages of the world most important theatres. The showcases of our theatre are decorated by the festival and other awards, and the National Theatre Sarajevo, as the only Opera and Ballet Theatre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the central place of development of the Performing Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The National Theatre Sarajevo has 225 employees and is located in the buildings at the address Obala Kulina bana (9), as well as in the building at the address Terezija bb where the workshop rooms are located and the entire factory for settings. One of the first directors of the National Theatre Sarajevo was Branisalv Nusic, and there is no doubt that great contribution to the development of our theatre was made by his successors among which we should mention Vlajko Ubavic, Ahmed Murabegovic, Nika Milicevic, Salko Nezecic, Ivan Fogl, Miroslav Avram, Alija Isakovic, Muhamed Karamehmedovic, Tvrtko Kulenovic…
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The National Theatre Sarajevo has made a special contribution to the development of drama and new dramatic forms, authentic interpretation of the classics in drama, opera and ballet as well as the development of music literature for opera and ballet, because in our house the following operas were produced: Jazavac pred sudom (Badger on Trial) by Vlado Milosevic, Hasanaginica and Aska i vuk (Aska and the Woolf) by Asim Horozic, ballet Satana (Satan) i Magnovenje (Flash) by Vojo Komadina, Katarina, bosnaska kraljica (Catherine, Queen of Bosnia) by Đelo Jusic, Izožba slika (Painting Exhibition) by Julije Maric etc...

A great number of drama plays had its premiere on the stage of the oldest theatre house in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the authors: Skender Kulenovic, Mesa Selimovic, Hamza Humo, Miroslav Jancic, Dusan Andjic, Uros Kovacevic, Abdulah Sindran, Almir Imsirevic, Almir Basovic, Alija Hafizovic etc...
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The management of the National Theatre together with the employees and associates try to meet two basic components of the artistic endeavors:
- Quality artistic presentation of drama, opera and ballet literature ‘in the key’ of contemporary reading and classical drama, opera and ballet texture, but also the recent literature and music offer.
- We try to develop an open theatre, the theatre that will never find foreign or strange the quality regardless of the environment in which it is formed, the nationality of the author, the art directions, trying to nurture the authentic theatre expression in line with the relevant theater developments in the world.

The National Theatre Sarajevo is a member of the New European Theatre association.

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