Bosnian National Theatre Zenica

bosansko narodno pozoriste zenica

Bosnian National Theatre Zenica was established in early 1950. Repertoire of the Theatre is carefully selected and complied with the aim to be contemporary and engaged. The works of the world most important authors were staged as well as the plays of a number of Bosnian and South Slavic authors.

During its history the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica has established distinctive style and occupied an important place in the family of BH theatres. Presenting the top theatrical achievements the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica participated and was a laureate of many theatre festivals, parades, and meetings in ex-Yugoslavia. The Theater has performed in Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Vojvodina as well. The Theater has been awarded a number of rewards and recognition for fruitful work and artistic achievements.

Besides the theatre performances, the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica organizes and hosts different cultural and entertaining programs and events of significance for the overall cultural life in the city of Zenica, Zenica-Doboj Canton and beyond.

Within its production capacities, the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica has 9 – 11 premieres per year aimed at audience of different age. Two to four plays are aimed at children and youth, and others to the adult audience. Driven by ambition to follow the contemporary developments and to contribute to solving the dilemma of modern man, the National Theatre Zenica clearly opts for the affirmation and nurturing of the BH literary and drama heritage through its creative approach. Also, the special attention within the repertoire policy is given to the dramatization of significant local and foreign fiction works, as well as to stimulating and affirming of young playwright.

During the 60 years of existence the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica has grown into the most important art institution in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through his artistic activities the Bosnian National Theater Zenica has become the center and meeting point not only for the theater but also for the overall art and cultural life.

The Bosnian National Theatre Zenica has 5 stages of different types: large stage, small stage, side stage, cabaret stage and basement stage. In addition to the regular stages within the building, there are several alternative stages used on several occasions.

Stages of different types enable the National Theatre Zenica to stage and perform all kinds of plays – from the spectacular drama, opera and ballet performances through performances of chamber and cabaret type to the most complex puppet and multimedia projects.

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