Brčko town is a town in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the river Sava. On the basis of geographical location, economic and other capacities, Brčko represents an economic and cultural center of the Bosnian Posavina. Brčko is the hub of water and land routes, linking Bosnia and Herzegovina with Western Europe and the countries of the Danube river basin and the Black Sea. It is a bridge between the eastern and western part of the Republic of Srpska and between the Federation and Western Europe.

Brčko is surrounded by fertile fields and hills covered with orchards. From the agricultural and economic aspects, Brčko is especially important for the Tuzla - Podrinje and Zenica - Doboj canton. The future of Brčko lies in the development of modern agriculture and light industry economy. Brčko has fertile farmland and qualified labor force.

Due to its geographical position, Brčko has great economic conditions in agriculture and food industry and trade, especially as it has the largest market in this part of Europe - "Arizona". Many large state factories have passed the stage of privatization, and in parallel with this there is now a large increase of the number of private companies. Because of its position, Brčko, in addition to the traditional hunting has good opportunities for the development of rural and congress tourism.

The basic education lasts nine years and it is free and compulsory in the Brčko District, which has 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and, for now, the Faculty of Economics.

Brčko does not exclude the development of culture, and thus possess a rich national library, city gallery, amateur theater, cultural center and several cultural societies. There are three national cultural societies active in the district - "Prosveta", "Preporod" and "Napredak".


Brka runs through Brčko, a river of high banks, and included waterways in this area are rivers Tinja, Lomnica, Zovički potok, Lukavac and several smaller streams that swell during the spring. The area has a moderate continental climate and is very suitable for the cultivation of fruit crops.

The first mention of Brčko was found in Turkish documents from 1548 when it ceases to be a border fortress and became a stop on the way of Venetian salt from Obrovac. Already in 1560 the name Barka for a town on the Sava riverbank is written by the Flemish geographer Gerhard Kremer, author of the first map of the world, and the beginning of the development of trade in Brčko is tied to this period.

The old part of town along the banks of the Sava and Brka saw a rapid development since the thirtieth years of the 19th century, primarily due to the export of raw and dry plums, and Brčko becomes a powerful trading center in 1870. In the second half of the 19th century the hotel "Posavina" and the City Hall were built. These buildings today are symbols of the city, along with other buildings from that period, like houses of famous merchants, the brothers Krsmanović and Kučukalić, which are on the list of cultural heritages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The biggest sports event in the number of participants and spectators with contestants from various countries around the world is the "Vidovdanska trka", a street marathon which is held in Brčko since 1997. Also, an international sporting event, which is traditionally organized by the Tennis Club "Prohema" from Brčko, gathers tennis player on the ITF tournament called "Brčko open."

A canoe-kayak competition called "Savska regata" is organized every year on the river Sava in the cultural and sporting event "Savski cvijet". Within the sporting event an art colony, as well as numerous concerts, chess tournament and other cultural and sport events take place.

A special art colony held since 1999 entitled "Sava" brings together artists from the region and produces works of art that remain in the holdings of the Brčko Gallery and are shown in a special exhibition.

Meetings of professional theaters have been held for many years and each year they get a wider and more important character by the quality of theater houses and shows which are presented to the Brčko audience.

Brčko also has an economy fair which gathers businessmen from the countries of former Yugoslavia and beyond, which has its own trade fairs, such as the job fair.


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