cevapi cevapcici

Ćevapi are the national grilled specialty and one of the most famous Bosnian brands abroad. Ćevap is a small dumpling made of minced meat, mostly beef, with the addition of garlic, onion and different spices. The average length of one ćevap is about 5 cm.

Ćevapi are fried on the grill, and are traditionally served in somun or lepinja (type of homemade bread) dipped in grill sauce with the addition of finely chopped onions. Ćevapi can be served with rice, French fries, and salads, but this is generally a practice abroad.

Ćevapi are traditionally served in ćevabdžinica, a specific Bosnian locale of special ambient, where except ćevapi you can find similar grilled dishes like burgers, sausages etc. With ćevapi you can perhaps try yogurt, sour milk, and kefir.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina ćevapi are served in different portions of five, ten, fifteen or more pieces and there are regional differences in preparing and shape of ćevapi (separately or in bundles of four or five pieces). So, the most popular ćevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Banja Luka, Travnik and Sarajevo ćevapi.

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