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Bosnian coffee is a part of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian identity. It is the symbol of the country and a part of its tradition, but also a reflection of gourmet mentality of its citizens.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long tradition of coffee drinking, which came in our country with the Ottoman influences from the Orient. Therefore it is right to say that coffee is one of the Bosnian national beverages.

Preparation of the traditional Bosnian coffee begins with the roasting of raw coffee. Baked coffee beans are then ground in a manual coffee grinder. Only then in a gently heated metal pot which in Bosnia is called džezva finely grinded coffee is put to which is added boiled water. Džezva is then placed on a hot plate. The coffee in the džezva should be stirred once and then one should wait for the coffee to get up to the top of the džezva, and makes fine mousse. Add a few drops of hot water so that the coffee dregs fall to the bottom. The bottom of džezva must be wider and the dzezva should taper towards the top. Wait a couple of minutes until the coffee dregs settle and pour the coffee into fildžan (a small cup) and serve with rahat lokum and a glass of cold water.

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