Burek is a specialty of Bosnian cuisine taken from the Turkish cuisine (but, Tur. bend). It is a pie made of finely chopped or minced meat that is mixed with onion and spices and rolled into thin stretched layer of dough. There are different methods of burek preparation. In Bosnia and Herzegovina burek is often in the form of long rolled layer of dough bent into circle that suits round shallow casserole (tepsija) in which burek is baked. Burek used to be baked under the iron bell known as sać in the region. There is also so-called “layered burek” which is prepared in a way that dough layers are not rolled but stacked in layers after sprinkled with pieces of meat. Burežici are specific for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those are the small rolled up pieces that are after baking sprinkled with mixture of sour cream, yogurt and garlic. These are served with extra yogurt.

All pies in Bosnia and Herzegovina are prepared in the same way and popular pies are: zeljanica (spinach pie), sirnica (cheese pie), potato pie, pumpkin pie, cabbage pie etc.
Places where you can taste good and delicious burek and other pies are called buregdžinice and can be found in almost all places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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