Freshwater fish in Bosnia and Herzegovina have a well-deserved culinary attention. The most popular and the most delicious fish in Bosnia and Herzegovina are: trout, carp, catfish and eel. Freshwater fish is marinated in lemon juice or vinegar before it is prepared. Marinade can be made of wine as well, and can be added a few drops of homemade olive oil. Marinades are normally seasoned with onion and garlic, pepper, parsley, and dill which neutralize the typical odor of the freshwater fish.

Although all freshwater fish are represented in the menus of Bosnian restaurants, the most respected and best fish is trout. Trout meat is tasty and easily digestible. With its gentle sweet and delicate flavor it is ideal for cooking, baking and frying. The best trout in Bosnia and Herzegovina is probably served on the Buna River in Blagaj. With the beautiful view of the richest water source in Europe and the ancient Tekke and the freshness coming from the Buna waterfalls, you will enjoy different specialties made of just caught trout which prepared in a traditional way on the hearth.

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