The media in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are 6 news agencies and 10 published daily newspapers: three in Sarajevo, two in Mostar, and five in Banja Luka.

Dnevni Avaz, the best-selling newspaper in the land, is a mixture of newspapers and a tabloid magazine. Oslobođenje has a rich tradition of political journalism in BIH. Next to daily newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are outputs of weekly political magazines, including BH Dani, Slobodna Bosna, Start and many others.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a public broadcasting system, which consists of three units: the main national radio and television house RT of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHTV 1 and BH Radio 1), and one of each entity broadcasters: Federalna Televizija FTV in the Federation and the Televizija Republike Srpske RTRS in the Republic of Serbia. The media image of the country is complemented with several private television stations, most notably TV1, OBN, TV Pink, etc., which can be viewed in all of the country, and we should not forget the regional television programs in major cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Bihać, Travnik, Mostar).

The Radio in Bosnia and Herzegovina still has a large number of fans, as BIH is one of the countries with the densest network of state, entity, cantonal, regional and urban radio stations, which satisfy the taste of the widest layer of audience in the country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is frenetically matching the demands and needs that are taking place in the world of media and communications. Although Internet in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not as prevalent as in the case of Western Europe and North America, there is a significant increase in the number of users and locations in the cities where you can find a wireless connection. Accordingly, a large number of informative and entertaining web sites are offered to users.

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