Museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The museums and galleries in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not filled with renaissance or romantic paintings but rather with the living forms that represented everyday life. Contemporary art has been a key influence in the cultural revolution that has taken place in the last half of the 20th century. Culture in the centuries leading up to this revolution can be visited today as a living museum through the architecture, traditional dress, stone carvings, pottery and jewelry, and sacral places.

The culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be found hanging from the walls of a museum but can be seen in the intricate paintings of the mosques, the beautiful woodwork of traditional furniture, or the magnificent stitch of the highlander’s attire. It is this mix of old and new creative forms that sets Bosnia and Herzegovina apart from its European neighbours. Today's cultural scene is a steadily flourishing one. Sarajevo host some of southeast Europe's finest festivals in the Sarajevo Film Festival, Jazz Fest, the MESS alternative theatre festival and countless others. Contemporary literature, music and art embraces the creative struggle of a country reborn.

Museums in BH

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