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Significance of the original sevdalinka for development of the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina got its first confirmation through the Sevdah Art House. The initiative for reconstruction of Velike Daire (location of the Sevdah Art House), which were destroyed during the siege of Sarajevo ’92 – ’95, came from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Sarajevo Canton. Reconstruction of this demanding object lasted for eight months, and on May 8, 2008 the Sevdah Art House was officially open during the Days of the Sarajevo Canton 2008.

The Sevdah Art House is situated in the heart of Bascarsija, and has a total of 270 square meters of indoor space, with a central yard of 144 square meters, which combined makes a unique composition and ambient a whole.

Indoor space is designed to create an overview of the historical development of sevdah, from its roots to the more modern contents, such as multimedia materials dedicated to sevdah authors and singers. In future, the Sevdah Art House will host thematic, scientific and expert events dedicated to sevdalinka, as each room is equipped with multimedia contents, where visitors can listen to sevdalinka and watch video footage of materials related to sevdah and sevdalinka.

The Sevdah Art House also has a library that contains archive, books, CDs, and DVDs where one can explore the historical development of the BH sevdalinka. Exhibited materials vary from prestigious awards, plaques, musical instruments to LP covers, posters, and personal items of authors and singers. If one chooses to experience a truly Bosnian feeling of Sarajevo, Sevdah Kahva (café) offers traditional Bosnian coffee and some of the traditional non-alcoholic beverages and desserts.

The main mission of this capital project is to preserve a significant part of BiH cultural tradition through visualization of sevdalinka and multimedia presentation of its characteristics. It is well known fact that BH sevdalinka has reached its most perfect artistic expression and that its authors and interpreters are the important part of the cultural identity of this country. That is why the Sevdah Art House is a true home of sevdalinka where you can find all the information attached to this literal and musical expression.

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