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In the collection there is permanent exhibition “Sarajevo 1878 – 1918”, presenting Sarajevo during the Austro-Hungarian rule. This chronologically-themed exhibition begins with the events which preceded the mandate for occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, ending with World War I, and involvement of 1st Bosnian regiment it the War.

Themes that are subject of this exhibition are:
1. Resistance to the occupation,
2. New administration,
3. Culture of living,
4. Cultural and religious-educational societies, printing and publishing,
5. Annexing and Bosnian congress,
6. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie,
7. Atentat na prijestonasljednika F. Ferdinanda i njegovu suprugu Sofiju,
8. World War I.

Aside of these themes in the exhibition space there are figures that show Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in natural size.

Dependence Museum Sarajevo 1878 – 1918 is placed in the building in front of which the assassination, which triggered World War I, took place.

Period of Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina is characteristic by one new and modern administration, industrialization and communication. New architecture with construction made Bosnia and Herzegovina one of central European countries, and Sarajevo a city, which by its architecture, did not stayed behind, Prague or Vienna. Along the industrial development, traditional crafts were saved, especially because, so called “art crafts” were initiated. Also electrification, along with the first power stations took place.

New fashion, that in the combination of traditional will make a new way (culture) of living, came all along, civil societies started to occur, such as music, singing, anti-alcoholic, female, etc. First female drivers were already here in 1904.

With development of publishing and printing, parallel development of education and self-awareness enabled development and formation of national consciousness of all three Nations (Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks).

All these events and changes that took place during the Austro-Hungarian rule are museological processed and elaborated, so that the visitors of Museum can see one new different dimension.

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