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Since its foundation in 1945 until today, has collected around 300,000 various museum items of great value for history and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Museum is one of rare cultural institutions which managed to keep safe its collections from destruction in the recent war, although it was located on the first front line. Museum material is placed and kept in depos which are, thanks to staff s efforts, constantly being enriched.
Beside photo collection, archive material, 3D objects, academic library, as well as documentation centre, the Museum also holds a collection of paintings, which consists of works of artists from all regions of the former State.
This collection gathers around 2.600 works made in various art techniques.

Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded on 13. November 1945 by the law on founding of Museum of national Liberation in Sarajevo. The initiative to establish Museum was undertaken by decree of Presidency of People Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At that time, Museum was situated in National library in Town Hall (Vijeanica). Since 1963 Museum is situated in building specially built for such purpose.
Museum changed its name several times and chronologically expanded the borders of its researching and collecting work towards past and present.

In 1949 Museum was named as a Museum of national revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1967. Museum of Revolution of BiH, and, finally, by the Law on Museum activity, adopted in June 1993, Museum was renamed in Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thematic structure of museum, as a central institution for researching and museological displaying of history of Bosnia and Herzegovina takes period from coming Slavs on Balkan Peninsula, creating the first medieval South Slavic states, and particular Medieval Bosnian State (Bosnia as a regional unit ruled by a ban, and Bosnia as a Kingdom), Bosnia under Ottoman rule (1463-1878.), period of Austro-Hungarian rule (1878-1918.), Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1918-1945., Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1945-1990., and particular area of researching and presentation is period Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1990 until present.

According to the Law on Museum activity, Museum are perfuming its fundamental social and cultural purpose with researching and collecting of Museum material relating to all periods of history of BiH.
Collected material, Museum processing professionally and systematizing it in its collections. Museum also organizing permanent, thematic and movable exhibitions, publishing professional, scientific, scientific-popular publications, catalogues etc., cooperating with other museums in BiH and abroad.

Museum also has educational role in general cultural rising of school children, youth and adults.
With its work on researching and collecting, which is the permanent activity of Museum since it was founded, Museum established fund with approximately 400.000 museum items, documents, photographs, art works, of different value for history of BiH, out of which are great numbers of rarities.
All museum material is organized in six museum’s collections: Collection of Archive documents, Collection of Photographs, Collection of three dimensional objects, and Collection of art works, Library, and Documentation center.

SAll museum collections are available to the scientific, professional, cultural and public workers, students and schoolchildren from our country and abroad.

Working on researching of theory and practice of museum profession. Museum gave exceptional contribution in developing of museology as a scientific discipline in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Historical Museum Journal "Collection of works" was the only professional publication in Bosnia and Herzegovina with its contributions from museum theory and practice. Until this recent war, with direct work and professional supervision of our museum, a whole network of museum of new history were established in entire territory of BiH.

In the past 60 years of existing and working, this museum realized 125 thematic exhibitions, 3 permanent museums displays, and numerous permanent museum displays of memorial museums. Today, museum works in very difficult material situation, especially has the problem with lack of professional staff.

This is the only museum that treats entire history of BiH from the first mentioning of Bosnian historical sources (in work of Constantin Porfirogenit from 949). "De administrando imperio" until present.

In this moment Museum has two permanent thematic exhibition displays: “Bosnia and Herzegovina through the centuries” and “Surrounded Sarajevo”.

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