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This monumental object was built in 1551 by Rustem-pasha, Great vizier of Sulejman the Magnificent. Object was used for selling the silk, which was produced by the founder himself in Bursa. Brusa bezistan has a rectangular basis (29.5 x 20.5 m), it is built of stone and covered with six big domes and two smaller domes.

Massive columns inside the bezistan have a constructive role, and over which are the small domes, which were used for storing archival documents and sidžila.

During the siege of Sarajevo (1992-95), Bursa bezistan suffered huge damage, and after huge restoration works, today, there is placed Permanent setting of Museum of Sarajevo, that had approved future existence for this object of the high value of cultural heritage.

This permanent setting is based on chronological order and the exposition of the archeological material is divided into three main parts:
- Prehistory,
- Antique period (there is exposed the oldest motif of lily in BiH), and
- The Middle ages.

On the gallery of the bezistan are exposed the exhibits from Ottoman period and from the time of Austria-Hungarian empire.

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