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muzej knjizevnosti i pozorisne umjetnosti bih
Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established forty-six years ago, in 1961 as the Museum of Literature, and sixteen years later established as the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Preparations for the establishment of the Museum were “live” already since 1955 when the future director (then curator of literary collections in the Museum of Sarajevo) writer Razija Handžić, give an idea of his profile.

Literary and theater material preserved in the Museum collection is distributed into collections of some important writers and theater employees (actors, opera and Ballet principals, directors, set, costume), and as well the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Theater houses. The collections are being entrusted to curators, museum curators, senior advisors, who systematically, explore and prepare documentary materials for professionals and scientific study, use, public presentations, and other themed exhibitions.

And today they are, as well as previously, they are treated by the same museological principles: collecting literature and theater materials (manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, personal documents, pamphlets, magazines, books and articles that were owned by the writers, their heirs or other collectors, Theater stage and individual photographs, programs, posters, production and costume sketches, paintings, portraits and similar materials).

The museum is housed in an old house under the protection of the state, which belong to the Sarajevo family Despić. For all the time of existence, the building is being adopted to Museum needs, in 1992 the ground floor has been rebuilt to Gallery “Mak” – an exhibition space that is significantly enhanced the museum activates, and provide richer publications.

. Publishing included: three books of documentary materials (about Peter Kočić, Svetozar Čorović, Ivan Franjo Jukić), and the magazine “Baština”. Every exhibition is accompanied with the catalogue which brings the most comprehensive frame of the writer’s most important accomplishments, the sources of documentary materials and selection of critical literature.

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