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Ten years ago, a group of intellectuals in Sarajevo launched an initiative for an international cultural project to be called Ars Aevi. The concept and strategy were quickly adopted by the Executive Board of the City of Sarajevo and the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gradually building up its network of friends and supporters, Ars Aevi has grown into a unique example of international cooperation between artistic and cultural institutions, cities and regional administrations and artists and intellectuals from all over the world. Representatives of the City of Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina have all recognized Ars Aevi as a major development project.

The objective of Ars Aevi is to create an International Multicultural Center and Museum of Contemporary World Art in Sarajevo, a city in which for centuries differences between East and West have met in mutual respect and love. In the cultural environment of Sarajevo and with its international orientation, the Ars Aevi Center and Museum will be a permanent and visible symbol of the hope that instead of separating, differences can stimulate us to find beauty and value in diversity. The Arc Aevi Museum will be a center of international dialogue, meetings and cultural exchange. A highly ambitious artistic and cultural project, Ars Aevi is of potentially great significance for the development of Southeast Europe.

Sarajevo is a mirror in which all the differences of Europe and the world meet and are reflected. Therefore, the Multicultural Center and Museum will be a significant symbol, but also a practical influence on processes of integration throughout the European continent.

Considered in its global geographic and political context, Ars Aevi is stimulating example and reflects the power of culture and art to unite and connect as well as their development role.

Artists from all around the wprld have contributed works to form the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo. It is therefore their Museum. The positive and creative energies active in Ars Aevi over the past ten years have established an inspirational program of exceptional quality and expertise, with each new stage of the unfolding project seeing increasingly active participation by institutions and businesses from Europe and worldwide.

The Ars Aevi Forum 1992 – 2002 was organized in Sarajevo to mark the first decade of the Project. It brought together the founders, friends, supporters and patrons of the Project – the most important actors in its history and the promoters of a new chapter in its development, the Ars Aevi World Campaign.

On June 23, 2002, construction began of the Ars Aevi Bridge, designed by architect Renzo Piano to be a symbolic and a literal gateway to the grounds of the Complex. It was opened to the public of Sarajevo on September 29, 2002, less than three months later.

During its first decade Ars Aevi concentrated on the formation of the Ars Aevi Collection and promoting the initiative at the regional and wider international level. Now in its second decade, Ars Aevi is launching the process of designing, financing and constructing the Ars Aevi Architectural Complex.

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