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Mostar and Herzegovina are the living images of physical and mental power of humans: the creativity that is accomplished by man, as a permanent message and a glimpse of his life.

There are numerous evidences that man creates, on the hot stone of Herzegovina and in this proud country, through his mind and skills, all sorts of artistic and practical beauty and value. The richness, diversity and creativity can be seen at the Museum of Herzegovina in Mostar, which has become a treasury of cultural and historical heritage, the guardian of memory and the facility that provides the specific ambience of Mostar, which is the cultural heritage and the possibility of its presentation through various forms of cultural life and activities.

The Museum of Herzegovina was founded in 1950 with the aim of finding, collecting, preserving and presenting to the public culturally rich historical heritage of Mostar and Herzegovina. Within the museum collections, the Museum has tens of thousands of museum objects, documents, photographs and other museum materials. Archaeological, ethnographic, literal and historical, library, numismatic and other exhibits and contents in the exhibition area and storerooms of the museum, in a very lively and colorful way, constantly review, reflect and bear witness to the turbulent events that are constantly taking place in Herzegovina and Mostar. Permanence and intensity of these events is confirmed by the numerous remains of the past times, kept in the Museum of Herzegovina. The management of the Museum is located at the site of the Memorial House "Dzemal Bijedic," Bajatova Street No. 4. The Museum is open for visitors and researchers.

Departments of the Museum of Herzegovina are:
- Memorial House Dzemal Bijedic
- Memorial House Svetozar Corovic
- Tower of Tara - (Department "Old Bridge Museum")

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