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Since September 2007, the City Museum of Zenica is located in a new building. The new representative building was built thanks to the investments of the Zenica Municipality and the financial support of the Government of the Zenica-Doboj Canton. The architectural solution for the new museum was provided by the fellow citizen Mr. Zvjezdan Turkic. Many citizens of Zenica do not consider two million marks invested in the new Museum building an overinvestment because finally, after 15 years, the museum collections were presented again.

New Museum – new concept of work: so called open museum includes a dynamic relationship with public, organization of a number of workshops, development of multimedia center, frequent educative and promotional programs in the area of science and art etc.

Since the City Museum of Zenica is designed as an institution that encourages crossing the limits set by the Museum building and walls, it is necessary to exist within the frame of interaction with the citizens, not only to offer programs, but to accept them as well… Anyway, the City Museum of Zenica is the museum of future or at least what the museum should be in the new millennium…

History of the Museum

The City Museum of Zenica is a public institution, established in 1966, and the founder was the Municipality of Zenica. The Museum belongs to the category of general museums. Administration, library and three museum collections (archeological, historical and ethnological) were located in several buildings (the building where former madrassa was located, Hadzimazic House and Memorial House in Serici). In 1982 the City Gallery was attached to the Museum together with its building (House of Culture). Until 1992 the Museum was employing 20 persons (professional and administrative personnel). Also, the City Museum of Zenica organized several scientific symposiums (Symposium on Ancient Ceramics 1971, Symposium on Mining and Metallurgy 1972, Symposium on Medieval Bosnia and European Culture 1973), consultations for ethnologists from Yugoslavia and several archeological campaigns around Zenica. In the period between 1992 and 1995, the Museum lost three buildings and the major part of the Museum material was stored on several locations in the City.

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