Memorial Birthplace Museum of Ivo Andric

muzej rodna kuca ive andrica travnik

Birthplace of the Nobel Laureate for literature in the former Yugoslavia was restored in 1974 and opened as a memorial museum within the Regional Museum of Travnik.

Permanent exhibition presents the life and literature of Ivo Andric, and consists of: birth room, room dedicated to the novel "The Days of Consuls," photography collection, library with art collections, and auditorium. For group visits to the Memorial Museum we provide professional explanations by museum curator, and pedagogues.

In the birth room of Ivo Andric the traditional furniture of the Bosnian urban families from the end of 19th century is displayed. Ethnographic exhibits did not really belong to the Andric family, but originate from the time. Cradle, clay oven, drapes, chairs, table, sofa, lamps, carpets etc. were collected in Travnik.

In the room dedicated to his novel “The Days of the Consuls”, the manuscript facsimiles and the first edition of the novel (Belgrade, 1945) are displayed as well as report facsimiles of the French and Austrian General Consuls in Travnik, the portraits of the French Consul General Pierre David and Dervis-Bey Teskeredzic who are the characters of the novel. In addition, there are old photographs and drawings showing what Travnik looked like at the time when the novel's action took place, and numerous national and foreign editions of the novel "The Days of the Consuls".

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There are about 650 books and literary magazines from the former Yugoslavia and foreign countries, showing the literary opus of Ivo Andric. Particularly valuable are literary magazines in which Andric published his initial literary works, first editions of his first works ("Ex Ponto" 1918, "Anxiety", "The Journey of Alija Djerzelez" 1920), and first editions of the novels "Bridge on the Drina", "The Days of the consuls", "Miss," 1945. The books signed by author himself and given as a personal gift to the Museum of Travnik are specially exhibited.

In addition to the small archive, there is an art collection in the Library:
• "Homage to Ivo Andric," graphic map by Ivan Rabuzin.
• "The Story of the Vizier's Elephant," artistic composition by Ahmed Hrustanovic.
• "Ivo Andric", portrait made by the academic painter Ante Mamusa in 1982.

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