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The Municipality of Visoko established the Regional Museum Visoko in 1953. The Museum has its own building. The activities of the Museum are based on collecting, processing, protecting and keeping museum material as well as its presentation through the organization of exhibitions, independently or in cooperation with other institutions. In addition to main activities, the Museum is registered for scientific and educational research as well as for the protection of the cultural heritage.

The Regional Museum Visoko has its own building in the very center of the town and covers 366 square meters::
- Lapidarium in the basement
- Depos and offices in the ground floor
- Exhibition rooms in the first floor
- Restoration and conservation workshop in the attic
- Multifunctional space in front of the building suitable for different performances

In cooperation with the Foundation MOZAIK , in 2006, the Regional Museum built an annex to the museum in Goduša near Visoko where “Ethno-room/Ethno-workshop” is located. The annex hosts a permanent exhibition of the museum exhibits – native crafts. The items for the exhibition were provided by the Regional Museum Visoko and the Ethno workshop with the performance of making of the items is led by Vehab Halilovic.

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Museum material /Funds and collections:
- Photo gallery - 2.600 units
- Art collection - 15 units
- Ethnographic collection - 862 units
- Numismatic collection - 428 units
- Archeological collection with over - 162.000 units
- Geological and paleontological collection - 356 units
- Medieval collection - 172 units
- Collection of the items from NOB
- Municipality archive from several periods: Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Second World War and after the Second World War - around 30 000 units
- Library – over 1.500 books

The Funds of the Regional Museum Visoko represents 8 collections, photo gallery, and museum library. Many collections are systematically divided into two or more sub-collections for the purpose of thematic and chronological overview.


Numismatic collection of the Regional Museum Visoko is one of the oldest collections. It was established in 1953 and has 428 units from almost all epochs and civilizations.

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Archeological collection is the most numerous collection in the Regional Museum. It includes the material of all prehistoric sites within the valley of Visoko. The division of the collection is done according to the site location. It was established in 1954 and has over 100.000 different archeological units (glass and ceramic findings, stone and flint findings, metal, jewelry, items of wood, remains of wooden furniture, remains/parts of architecture etc.).


Medieval collection is divided into following sub-collections:
- photocopies and photos of charters and documents
- stone findings
- medieval maps
- models
- weapons
- plaster replicas
- other.

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Ethnographic collection was established in 1958 and has 862 units. The comprehensive collection od material is divided into following:

- household activities and folk costumes (textile, clothing, shoes and jewelry)
- crafts
- trade
- architecture (parts of interior and exterior)
- weapons and accessories
- other items.

Until 2008 a number of thematic exhibitions were realized from the Ethnological collection. Although it does not possess specialized funds for the purchase of exhibits, the Regional Museum Visoko continues to complement the collection successfully.


Geological and paleontological collection was established in 1976 and includes three sub-collections: ores, rocks and fossils. It has 356 units, and the collection is constantly being complemented. the entire collection material is photographed and stored in the digital format.


ZThe collection of items from the NOB period includes trophy combat weapons and accessories from the First and Second World War, and other items of the Visoko-Fojnica unit, famous national heroes and unknown soldiers. There are 157 units overall.

The collection was complemented with the interesting handmade primitive small guns, made of water pipes and similar materials from the 1992 – 1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The art collection is the youngest collection in the Museum. It was established in 1987 and has 15 units. The collection is established for the purpose of collecting art works of all the artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


It includes 46 boxes (30x15x40 cm) of documentary materials. The Municipality Archive is classified chronologically and in periods:

- Collection of documents from the Ottoman period
- Municipality Archive from 1881 to 1909
- Municipality Archive from 1910 to 1920
- Municipality Archive from 01/01/1930 to 31/12/1946 (around 30 boxes)
- Municipality Archive from 1941 to 1960
- Memoirs
- Other (materials of the Committee for History, undated books etc.)
Currently, the processing of the archive material and documentation from the Ottoman period is being conducted.

Photo gallery inventory of the Regional Museum includes the collection of positives and negatives of the photos of different subject matter:

- History – period before the World War II
- History – War period / 1941 – 1945
- History – period after the World War II
- Tito in Visoko
- Photos of the collections
- Photo documentation of the periodical exhibitions
Arranging and organizing photo inventory is in progress.


The museum library is divided by areas, professional and general literature and is kept in alphabetical order. It is regularly supplemented with new titles. It was established in 1954 and has more than 1500 titles – professional publications, publications, periodicals and the press. The great progress has been achieved in purchasing of new books so far.


The Files of the Regional Museum Visoko is internal and includes:
- files of museum collection and sub-collection units,
- files of photo gallery,
- files of library,
- files of the cultural monuments, and
- files of the archeological map of Visoko.

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