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The founder of the Mulic Record was Ismail Mulic (1907 – 1978). He was born in Konjic. After completing the elementary school he enrolled the Trade School in Sarajevo, but in the final grade, after a serious illness, he lost hearing and had to leave the school. Since he was a gifted artist he started to work as a painter in the atelier of the academic painter Srecko Domic.

Later, he completed woodcraft at the workshop of Sulejman Hadzizukic and in 1929 he opened his own independent carving workshop. Through his work he established a milestone for the future business. He created new products, he designed a range of new products for each room in a house and business premises. He produced pieces according to his own plans and designs. He exhibited his work and was awarded throughout the fairs and exhibition in the country and abroad.

As Ismail Mulic strived for continuous improvements of production, he introduced machines for woodwork in his workshop in 1936. In fact, those were the only machines of the kind in Konjic in the period between two world wars. Also, in order to make his products more attractive, he employed talented Konjic women to embroider different items – mats, tablecloths, pillows that would decorate and complete his products made of wood.

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