Security in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the safest countries in Europe. Armed crime is almost nonexistent, and walking the streets of any Bosnian town at any time of day or night is relatively safe. Police agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina effectively maintain public order and provide protection to all citizens and visitors.

Do pay attention when it comes to landmines in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are landmines in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it does not mean that the arrival and stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not safe. So far, no case of the landmine accident involving visitors and guests from abroad has been registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Be sure to respect rules and signs that indicate the presence of mines:a

1. Stay away from the marked areas. Wherever you see the area marked with red or yellow ribbon do not approach or go near the area.

2. Densely populated areas, national parks, and protected areas have been cleared of mines and are safe to visit.

3. If you are in nature, stay away from areas that are not often visited. Pay attention to whether the grass is mowed, whether there are traces of tires, whether it is obvious that people moved there – these are all indicators of the safe area. It is clear that places where people are walking, running, make barbecue etc. are all safe places and areas.

4. The most dangerous areas are former front lines. Many mountain and some rural areas are still contaminated by mines. As tourists and travelers that naturally do not know the terrain and hence the locations of the former front lines, visitors must hire a guide or locals who know the terrain very well. Mountaineering societies and clubs as well as eco-tourism associations and organizations are the best choice for your mountain adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many terrains in Bosnia and Herzegovina are safe for hiking, walking, excursions and research – it is just not wise to do it on your own.

For more information about the mines you can contact the Mine Action Center (MAC, Zmaja od Bosne 8, 71000 Sarajevo) or visit the website

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