Judicial authority


The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the supreme and final authority in legal matters and has nine members: four elected from the House of Representatives of the Federation, two elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, and three members are appointed by the President of the European Court of Human Rights after consultation with the Presidency of the country.

State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has jurisdiction over cases related to the law at the state level, and appellate jurisdiction over cases initiated in the entities. There are three divisions: Criminal, Administrative and Appellate. The Criminal section in turn has three divisions - Section I for War Crimes, Section II for Organized Crime and Section III for general crime. Administrative litigation department has as litigate report and one panel. The Appellate Division has a Section I for War Crimes, Section II for Organized Crime, Section III of general crime and appeals against decisions of the Administrative Department. At the Court of BIH there are currently 39 - 23 domestic and 16 international judges working. Judicial Councils are composed of three judges.

Each entity has a Supreme Court and a number of lower courts. The Federation has a cantonal court and a number of municipal courts, and the Republic of Srpska has five municipal courts.

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