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According to the latest research of the Life project, thanks to favorable environmental conditions and the influence of Mediterranean climate, more than 600 floral species were identified in the Nature Park . In the surrounding hills, one finds the maquis elements typical for sub-Mediterranean areas. Juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus) L. and European holly (Phylirea media) L. are distinctive by their dark green color, and are found in the largest numbers in Crno Brdo (the Black Hill), which is why the hill was given this name, given that from distance it appears to be black. In addition, in this are one will also find terebinth (Pistacia terebinthus) L., etc.

Only in one location, in a separated island in the swamp, one will find laurel grove (Laurus nobilis) L.

In the vegetation group surrounding Hutovo Blato, there are the following trees: black ash (Fraxinus ornus) L., eastern hornbeam (Ostria carpinipholia) Scop., hackberry (Celtis australis) L., etc., as well as the following bushes: pomegranate (Punica granatum) L. , bramble (Paliurus spina christi) Mill., tule (Petteria ramentacea) Presl., cornel (Cornus mas) L., etc. In terms of low shrubbery, one finds: sage (Salvia officinalis) L., immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) (Roth.) Mill. Corr. Guss., heath (Satureja montana) L., etc.

hutovo blato voda In terms of water vegetation, the most represented are water lily (Nuphar luteum) L , laurustine (Nymphaea alba) L., etc. Further on, there is the swamp vegetation: cattail (Typha angustifolia), then a perimeter of reed and sedge (Phragmites communis) Trin.; in somewhat higher areas, this perimeter is replaced with a perimeter of shallot (Cladium mariscus) (L.) Pohl., and further on of bush-type sedge (Carex elata) All.


In terms of tree-type species, depressions of Hutovo Blato host: osier (Salix purpurea) L., white willow (Salix alba) L., white mulberry (Morus alba) L., fig tree (Ficus carica) L., ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) L., etc.
Easily identifiable vegetation zoning, together with the indispensable influence of water, create ideal conditions, especially for the wide diversity of bird population. A variety of vegetation coloring and the blue color of water offer a particular feeling and landscape value. Another major feature of the vegetation in Hutovo Blato is that it there is a natural revitalization of the swamp ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) L., which is settling in its old native growing areas.


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