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hutovo blato vode

Water currents of Hutovo Blato host 22 fish species from 12 families, among which endemic species are Chondrostoma kneri, Heckel, 1843., Salmo dentex, Heckel, 1854., Cobitis nerentana, Linnaesus, 1758 , Knipowitschia punctatisima croatica and Knipowitschia sp.

The most well known species are Cyprinus caprio, Linnaesus, 1758; Tinca tinca, Linnaeus, 1758; Scardinius scardafa, Bonaparte, 1837; Rutilus basak, Heckel, 1843; Ameiurus nebulosus, Lesueur 1819; and other.

Through rivers Krupa and Neretva, water currents of Hutovo Blato are connected to the Adriatic Sea, therefore some migratory species that inhabit salty waters also come to Hutovo Blato and adjust to plain water conditions, among which the most well known are Anguilla anguilla, Linnaeus, 1758; Mugil cephalus, Linnaeus, 1758; etc.


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