Nature park Hutovo blato - From a hunting ground to a protected pearl of sub-Mediterranean swamp

hutovo blato 02"As an exceptional habitat for numerous plant and animal species, Hutovo Blato is mentioned since the ancient times. After World War Two, Hutovo Blato was protected only as an elite hunting ground. The history of Hutovo Blato as a protected part of nature begins on June 3, 1954, when the ornithology and fauna reservation Hutovo Blato of 6144 ha. was established.

As a part of this reservation, a strict bird reservation Škrka (350 ha) was isolated in 1959, which was closed for fishing, hunting and other economically feasible activities.

Because of its international importance, in 1971 Hutovo Blato was included in the List of Swaps of International Importance and in 1980 it was included in the “International Project for Protection of Mediterranean Swamps”.

As a special hunting ground, Hutovo Blato continued to operate until March 30, 1995, when it was pronounced the Nature Park because of its natural wealth.

The public enterprise Hutovo Blato Nature Park was established by a decree of HR HB Government in 1995. god. (Official Gazette of HR HB no. 45/95), seated in Karaotok, Čapljina municipality, and is since managing the area covered by the Hutovo Blato Nature Park.

In 1998, the International Council for Bird Protection (ICBP) added Hutovo Blato to the list of internationally important bird habitats.

After that, in 2001, Hutovo Blato Nature Park was added to the list of swamps of international importance, by the methodology of Ramsar Convention, and was registered with the UNESCO Directorate in Paris.


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