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The Herzeg Ethno Village of Medjugorje, as a unique hotel and resort opened in late 2008, covers an area of four hectares where about 50 stone buildings were built, which are divided into five business units. The goal of the project was to create an authentic atmosphere in one place which would offer today's tourist a complete service.

Lovers of good cuisine, and people wanting to rest and respite from everyday life come here as well as business people organizing seminars, conferences and team-buildings.

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Center of the complex is the Herzeg restaurant, a hotel, then a hamlet of 10 stone houses where there are accommodation areas and a small shopping area with a dozen shops with traditional products such as local honey and freshly ground flour.

etno selo herceg 003 In addition, a conference hall was built for business purposes and an amphitheatre as a centre of cultural events. So that the feeling of a village would be complete a chapel was built at the highest elevation and in its vicinity a vineyard was planted with indigenous varieties of white and red wine. In the end, there are stalls with farm animals of this area, and in front of the terrace is a playground for the youngest visitors.

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The project has not been completed and the remaining 1.5 hectares will expand and completed with sports and recreational facilities, as now there is a modern bowls.

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The rooms are comfortable and spacious, furnished with high quality furniture, hand-made of Slavonia oak trees, in the beautiful setting of the stone walls. The walls are decorated with photographs of Herzegovina motifs of natural beauty. All rooms are equipped with cooling / heating devices, direct telephone lines, internet connection, LCD TV, smoke detectors and an emergency button in the bathrooms.

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Etno selo Herceg


Međugorje bb
88266 Međugorje
Tel:  + 387 36 / 653 400
Fax: +387 36 / 653 410
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