Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Specialized eco-tourism programs are becoming recognized as the Bosnian tourist product. The most attractive offer in the travel agencies is just the one that is connected with the spirit of the so-called alternative tourism.
Rafting is an event in nature which requires active participation and following the instructions of skipper. Programs offered on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina are completely safe and leave a strong impression on the participants remaining an unforgettable experience.
In recent years the expansion of the rafting clubs on the rivers Una, Vrbas, Drina, Tara, Neretva … has taken place. Apart from being an excellent recreational and adventurous outdoor activity is also a movement for protection of rivers and nature in general. Rivers where you can enjoy rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina are: Una, Neretva, Vrbas, Tara, and occasionally Drina and Krivaja…

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