Shrine of Our Lady vrilo – Travnik

crkva sv gospino vrilo travnik

In central Bosnia feast of Nativity of the Theotokos is especially solemnly celebrated in the parish Ovčarevo, in the sanctuary near Travnik, which carries the name of Our Lady vrilo. Holiday Mass is celebrated in the open air, and thousands of believers attended. At prayer ceremonies Tritium gathers a large number of worshipers, mostly at Mass Eve of when, traditionally, is the blessing of children.

Shrine of Gospino vrilo is located one mile west of Travnik, near the stream below the wooded hill, where locals and visitors for decades sought and found the bodily, but also spiritual refreshment, believing in the supernatural power of this place and the source of cold drinking water. These were, in frequent walks with seminarians, also noted by the Jesuits, seminary professors in the Travnik and Archdiocesan high school, and at that point, calling it Gospino vrilo, builts a chapel in 1923. And Gospino vrilo soon became known among the Croatian Catholic plebeians and outside the areas of central Bosnia.

Pilgrims and visitors cross the water from the spring, carry it with them and sprinkle their houses, commercial buildings, their sick, praying for a heavenly intercession of the Mother to God. From the pilgrims themselves came an initiative a long time ago to build a larger church, which in 1989 began. But a few years ago to the delight of the local Catholic people, and many pilgrims, the church was completed, one of the most beautiful in the Central area, and dedicated to the Blessed Lady.


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