Ljetni turizam

Summer tourism in Bosnia and herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina possesses 21.2 kilometers of the Adriatic coast which with its 270 days of sunshine every year attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. The town of Neum represents the Adriatic door in BIH and its accommodation capacity of 5,000 beds, around 2,000 in hotels with three and four stars, and 3,000 in private housing, are enough to meet the demands during the peak of the tourist season.

The domestic economy is highly developed and pleasant little guesthouses, restaurants and pubs offer visitors an unforgettable taste of the Mediterranean. Guests are offered very attractive excursion programs to Dubrovnik, Mostar, Međugorje, Hutovo Blato and cave Vjetrenica. The number of overnight stays annually numbers at 200,000 thanks to the excellent climate, where the season runs from May to September.

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