Visas for Bosnia and Herzegovina


granicna policija visitmycountryEntry and exit from the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is easy if you have proper documentation. The procedures are standard. During the peak season, there are smaller delays at the road crossings.

Exemption from visa provision obligation for entrance and stay up to 90 (ninety) days on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the citizens of following countries

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria,
Checz Republic, Chile, Croatia, Costa Rica, Cyprus,
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala,
Honduras, Hungary,
Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy,
Latvia, Leichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Republic of Korea, Kuwait,
Montenegro, Macadonia, Malaysia, Malta, Order of Malta, Mexico, Monaco,
Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand,
Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal,
Salvador, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss Confederation,
United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Uruguay,
Venezuela, Vatican.

Owners of travel documents issued in special administrative areas may also be exempted from visa provision obligation: Hong Kong (of PR China) i Macao (of PR China).

Foreigners ARE OBLIGED to provide visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina, if they are not citizens of the states in the above tables, or owners of the following special and aligned travel documents:
   travel documents for refugees issued by the signatories of Geneva Convention on Refugee Status dated 28 July 1951
   travel documents for stateless persons issued by the signatories of Geneva  Convention on Stateless Persons Legal Position dated 28 September 1954
   travel documents for foreigners Visa requirements apply also to owners of travel documents issued by UNMIK and travel documents issued in the following areas:

                      Palestinian Autonomy

                      Taiwan, PR China


BiH visa is issued by Diplomatic-Consular Representative Body, and exceptionally it ca be issued by BiH Border Police. Visa can be issued at the border only under certain conditions (more details in the Rulebook on Foreigners Entry and Stay).

Competent authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina issue the following visas:

1. Airport transit visa (Visa A)
2. Transit visa (Visa B)
3. Visa for short stay (Visa C)
4. Visa for long stay (Visa D)

Note: Data on visa regime for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been downloaded from official web site of BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ( BiH i Border Police BH (

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