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Travnik is located in Lašva river valley, surrounded by Vlašić in the north and Vilenica mountain in the south. The City of Travnik, which had been the capital of Bosnian Pashaluk for 150 years, the residence of 77 viziers, seat of two consulates, lying in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, represents the main administrative and political center of Central Bosnia Canton today.

There are many legends according to which the City of Travnik supposedly got its name, but the most interesting one is the one according to which the fortress was the home of an officer collecting travarina – grass tax, in the pre-Ottoman period.
The city was mentioned under this name for the first time in historical documents on June 3, 1463, when the Turkish historian, Dursun-bey stated that Sultan Mehmed II conquered Travnik on his way to the royal city of Jajce.

The municipality of Travnik covers an area of 563 km² with 70.402 inhabitants according to the 1991 census. Lying at 514 m above sea level, Travnik is surrounded by one of the most beautiful Bosnian and Herzegovinian mountains, Vlašić, in the north (1963m), and by Vilenica in the south, which offer true rest for the soul and body for persons enjoying being in touch with the nature.

In its past, rich in cultural and historical tradition, and encompassing interesting events and important personalities, the people of Travnik have called their city a city-museum in the open, and justly so. This city is characteristic in many ways. Its exciting past has resulted in and left many important personalities and events. This city tells its own story on every step.

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What makes it special in the world are two clock towers of 20 m, built in the 18th century by Travnik's viziers, and it is also the only city in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a sundial, built in 1886. This city is a treasury of various cultural and historical events, so that it has also been the hometown of numerous important personalities. Travnik is also the hometown of many artists, scientists, travel account authors, but above all tolerant and cordial persons.

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Travnik is one of the best preserved cities. There are 28 protected cultural and historic buildings in this area, most of them being active, and the most important of them are: the medieval fortress, built in the 15th century, Jeni mosque, which is the oldest building from the Ottoman period, Sulejmanija or Šarena mosque, Turbeta – domed burial sites: Muhidin-Zado Abdulahpaša, Seid Hafiz Ali Dželaludinpaša and Perićan Mustafapaša, built at the end of the 18th and beginning of 19th century, Hafizkadić family house, Jezuit grammar school and Elči Ibrahim-Pasha madrassa.

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It is also important to mention the well known Travnik cheese, short-beaked pidgeons, Plava voda and the attractive excursion site and ski resort on Babanovac. Travnik is also proud of the birth house of the Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andrić, and many renowned artists and scientists from Travnik, but also the traditional hospitality of the inhabitants of this city.

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Since the times of the old Romans, for whom the Lašva valley was the center for important trade routes, Travnik has been an important crossroads of Bosnian and Herzegovinian and also European roads. The City of Travnik is a unique museum in the open.


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Travnik - to je moj grad 1/2

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